The early childhood music lessons program has arrived at Memorial Music! In a world invaded by isolation and technological dependence, it is important to take care of the intellectual development and social interaction of our children from the earliest ages. If we all already know the benefits of music for the infant since he/she is in the womb, imagine the benefits of learning musical skills in a fun way in an environment full of joy, dances, songs, and friends! Classes will be held on Thursdays with our Vocal/Piano instructor, Yissel.

GENIUS AWAKENING is focused on providing the following benefits for the family and the little musician:

  • increases intelligence and stimulates creativity
  • improves memory and promotes the cognitive development of children
  • stimulates the neuronal activity of the brain and improves listening and speech
  • improves coordination and body movement and develops a sense of rhythm and intonation
  • strengthens communication skills and the ability for children to interact with each other
  • contributes to children learning how to express themselves from an early age

The program is segmented into different age groups, each focusing on age-specific needs (1-2 years, 3-4 years, 5-6 years).


Mozart did not become a genius on his own. It was his father’s vision and guidance that channeled his path to genius. We know you want to be his best teacher, so these classes are a great opportunity to strengthen the parent-child bond, while children develop coordination, intonation and rhythm skills. Classes are designed to develop age-specific needs, through exploration, listening, movement and play. Children will be encouraged by their parents to discover together various instruments, genres and styles of the world, through folk songs, popular, contemporary and classical music.

GENIUS BACH! 3-4 years

Awaken the inner artist! The toddler begins to explore and perceive the world in his own way, this is his stage of “the wonderful real”, a moment of his learning where he will find access to a privileged understanding of music that will give him great cognitive advantages in future stages. “Genius Bach” encourages your children to not only discover, but develop the ability to reproduce and create; playing, singing and dancing, while developing skills that will heighten self-awareness and self-perception.


“Behold” A genius is born! For the first time, the young musicians will have the opportunity to share their talent performing live in a recital with other music students. This program will develop their ability to set goals, teamwork and achieve objectives, essential skills for success in all areas of their life. The program is focused on guiding them to find the instrument with which they feel the greatest affinity and preparing them for private music lessons. Working more broadly on the repertoire of classical and popular music, will be a stage where finally music, as a universal language, will become a natural form of expression for them.

For more information, or to sign up, please contact Jordan Hudson at Memorial Music (713-461-1060), or visit our website at