Solero Flamenco in November!

Stay Tuned: On a date in November to be announced soon, our good friends Jeremy Garcia and Irma La Paloma will be performing in the Memorial area with their group “Solero Flamenco”. They are an amazing act, so check out the show if you can. More details to follow in the November newsletter. This concert will be a tribute to my late Father, Ron Hudson, who was also good friends with Jeremy and Irma.

Read more about Solero Flamenco on their website: and Jeremy Garcia at

New Line!

We are now officially carrying Blueridge Acoustic Guitars. These are some of the finest Steel String Instruments for the money. They are modeled after Martins, for only a fraction of the price. We have these in stock from the ~$800 to ~$2,500 price range.

You can read more about Blueridge Acoustic Guitars on their official website and see which models we have available in our online store.