Fall Recital!

Due to high demand, we will host a Fall Recital this year. It will be very much like our Spring Recital this past May. The event will take place on Sunday, October 22nd, from 1-4 pm at Fred Astaire Dance Studios and will be divided into Sessions A and B. Session A will last from approximately 1 pm – 2:20 pm, and Session B from 2:40-4 pm. Please let your instructors know if you or your child would like to be a part of this Recital. The cost will be $45 per family. Memorial Music will provide food and drinks. If you need to be at a specific time in the 1-4 p.m. range, please let your instructors know and make a note of it on the Registration Form. Thanks!

Welcome Back!

This month, we are welcoming back a former instructor, Karenia. She is the wife of another one of our instructors, Ernesto Vega. She teaches Piano, Flute, Saxophone, and Clarinet. We are very happy to have her as she was a great addition to the staff a few years ago until other life obligations pulled her away. We also recently added another Violin/Piano instructor in Ana Tejada and a Harmonica instructor in Sonny Boy Terry. He’s been in the Houston Blues scene for many years and is an excellent Harmonica player/instructor. Check out his website/bio for more information: https://sonnyboyterry.com/home.