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Music appreciation for 3 to 6 year olds

Memorial Music

Our Memorial Music Preschool Music Program for children ages 3-6 will be focused on developing your child’s curiosity, appreciation, and musical tastes. We will teach them a basic understanding of music needed to move on to private lessons, no matter which instrument they choose. Through musical games and songs, they will understand the basics of music theory, tone, and rhythm.

We will be encouraging the social interaction of your child with other children, while stimulating the development of language and motor skills. Also, special musical games that we will be playing in each lesson will help your child improve memory, reading, writing, math, and other basics.

You will play a very special role in this new adventure by helping your child develop a healthy practice routine at home. We will demonstrate ways that you can continue to inspire them at home as you take a positive and joyful approach. It is important to include music studies as a long-term commitment beginning early with fun and educational classes. Understand that each child will progress at a different pace and will learn in their own timing as they are challenged with consistent encouragement, practice, and teaching.

You will receive a monthly report of your child’s progress along with recommendations to get them ready for private lessons. We will include suggestions to help them learn and enjoy music. The classes are weekly and students are currently being accepted for monthly enrollment for the class on Saturdays.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help your little one grow and become a confident, well-balanced child!

Contact Memorial Music for more information!

Jordan Hudson, Director – 713-461-1060

Lendys Diaz, Preschool Music Program Instructor/Coordinator – 305-998-9878

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