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School Tutoring Houston, Texas

50 Years in the Houston Area
Now offering Tutoring!


1-on-1 Private Tutoring

We offer private tutoring sessions. Give your child the help they need with 1
on 1 Individual tutoring sessions catered to his or her needs.

The Highest Standards

We hire the most talented and qualified Tutors. We multiple subjects, Quiz and Test Prep, and Advanced Study Habit Skills.

Grades and Subjects

Tutoring available for students grade K-12, all Math Subjects, many Science classes, and Quiz and Test Prep.

AcadEmic help For All Grades

Slipping grades can be challenging and stressful, and the situation rarely reverses itself without positive intervention from teachers, parents, and trained staff. If your student is struggling, or they just need an added boost to study skills, test preparation and academic confidence, Memorial Music’s Tutoring Staff is here to help!

Memorial Music now provides professional one-on-one Private Tutoring for all grade levels, K-12. We have staff who can help your child meet their full potential and exceed their expectations. Tutoring is available for Math, Science, Study Skills, Test Prep, and SAT Prep.

Even if a student knows all of the material, test anxiety can put your student at an avoidable disadvantage! And math subjects that compound on previous knowledge can become overwhelming if a student misses a few classes, or accidentally gets behind.

Our tutors will meet with your child at the same time and day each week, creating a set schedule that will help them develop strong and positive study habits. You will be able to track their process by discussing the sessions with the tutors, and getting advice to help you help your child achieve their greatest level of academic success!

Tutoring classes are 30-minutes, offered in the evenings Monday through Friday, and during the day on Saturday. We will also offer morning and afternoon Tutoring classes during the summer break.

Meet our Tutors

JULIAN MARQUEZ - Calculus, Math, Tutor

Teaching Since: 2016
Education: Master of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Sam Houston State University)

Julian began tutoring math in his undergraduate sophomore year and has been tutoring ever since. Although he loves teaching any level, his favorite classes are Calculus 1 and 2. Julian has experience teaching from 1st grade to 12th, and most recently has been an instructor at Sam Houston State University. In his personal time you can find Julian is either cooking new recipes, watching new anime shows, or training for kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Your Partners for education and support

Our Private Tutoring Sessions are at a set time every week.

If you are interested in help with a particular subject that you do not see listed, please ask and we will try to accommodate.

During these one-on-one sessions, your child will gain the valuable knowledge needed to succeed in the classroom.

We also have tutors available for all grade levels. Some specialize in K-8, while others specialize more on High School Level Math’s and SAT Prep.

We offer 30-minute slots for $149/month, 45 minutes for $224/month, and 60 minutes for
While most of our tutors specialize in Math, we offer certain sciences like Chemistry as well.

Tutoring Sessions are available on weekdays from 3pm – 9pm, and on Saturdays from 10am – 5pm. We are closed on Sundays.

For more information please email us or call us at 713-461-1060. We will be happy to answer any questions and/or schedule a weekly time slot.

Our tutors require 48 hours’ notice to request a make-up in the event of a missed session.
We have tutors available for morning/afternoon hours during the Summer.