A member of the string family, the guitar is an instrument that comes in many varieties, all producing slightly different sounds. A guitar can have anywhere between 4 and 18 strings, but typically has 6. The two main categories of guitars are acoustic and electric. Depending on the type of sound, mood, and music you want to create, the acoustic or electric guitar will be a better fit for you.

Making the guitar your instrument of choice

If you are interested in making the guitar the instrument you pursue, there is no better place to get started than Memorial Music in Houston, TX. We offer a wide selection of guitars, including classical and flamenco, acoustic, and electric. Our professional staff would be happy to give you the details on every variety so you are sure to make the right choice. Once you make your selection, we would recommend taking advantage of our guitar lessons to learn the basics and set you on the right track with your new instrument.

Guitar Lessons at Memorial Music

Taking guitar lessons at Memorial Music ensures that you will receive training from experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals. Our teachers are passionate about what they do, and love sharing it with newcomers to the instrument. They will work with you with patience until you gain the skills that will set you up for a successful musical journey. Our lessons are flexible, and offered at convenient times in order to accommodate all schedules. To learn more about the guitars we offer or to sign up for lessons, contact Memorial Music today!