How Does One Decide?

How does one decide which qualities are the most important when choosing a music school? At Memorial Music we strive to offer the very best in traditional music education as well as alternative programs that offer a well-rounded approach to learning music. Whether it is learning how to play an instrument from beginning to advanced level, performing with a group, or singing in a staged production, we can help each person achieve their goals in music. We believe that learning music should be a life-long pursuit. We have designed our music programs to meet the needs of each student, to help them develop their unique talents and abilities.

How Important Are Music Programs?

How important are music programs to the development of the individual? Research has shown that the human brain is hard-wired for music, indicating the significance of music education for everyone. Music education fosters auditory perception, motor skills, child development, cognitive skills, memory processing and mood or affect. These are but a few reasons to keep music a part of the overall approach to education. It has been shown that studying music enhances academic achievement as well. We believe that music education contributes to the core self-esteem, fosters development of self-confidence and teaches skills that are a foundation for flourishing as a whole person. It is with this philosophy that we serve this community of students and we are very proud to have done so here in Houston, Texas for over 40 years.

Memorial Music Is Dedicated

Memorial Music is dedicated to maintaining a music staff of talented, well-qualified and experienced music instructors that offer excellent teaching and mentoring of all music students. We want to make music relevant to other cultural and academic pursuits such as other areas of the arts or math, science or literature etc., by encouraging students to make that natural connection between music and the world at large. Our curriculum offers all aspects of music study, including Methodology, Technique, Theory, Reading and Notation, Melody, Harmony, Music Composition, Improvisation, Performing, Music Evaluation and Appreciation. We also offer special workshops and events throughout the year such as the Rock Band Program, Master Classes and special concerts and performances.

Individually Designed Lesson Plans

Call today 713-461-1060, email or visit us here at Memorial Music. We will assist you in choosing a music program or music lesson plan that is age-appropriate and individually designed to meet your needs for a fun and rewarding experience in learning music.