Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season filled with safe travels and an enjoyable time with friends and family. We are excited to beging 2022 with all of our students and customers!

Thank You!

Memorial Music would like to give a special thanks to all of our students. We have been in business since 1972, and we now have more current students than we’ve had in our entire history. We’ve always strived to hire and retain the best teachers possible, but it’s like you that really make this thing GO!

New Lines!

We are now a proud Carrier of two new lines. Orange Amplifiers and Kamaka Ukuleles. Orange is a British company that has been around since 1968 and has always been one of the Top names in Guitar Amplification. We are getting more and more inventory from them by the week. Check our website for more details and a list of what is currently in stock. Kamaka is a Family owned Ukulele company, founded in Hawaii in 1916. They are considered one of the Top, if not the top Ukulele manufacturers in the World. We currently have several in stock from Kamaka, and expect more very soon. They specialize in high-end Ukuleles made with local Koa wood.

Recital/Rock Band Program!

As of right now, both the Recital and Rock Band Program are set to take place this Spring. We will be passing out more information to all of our students starting on Monday, January 10th as far as times, dates, and pricing. The Rock Band Program will include several Saturday afternoon/evening practices thru Mar/Apr/May, but both the Recital and Rock Band Concert will take place in mid-May. More info to come soon…