May Recital and Sunday Night LIVE!

These events were a HUGE success! As many of you know, we ended up having so many Recital sign-ups, that we had to break the Recital into two Sessions. We are very proud of all of the students that participated. It’s never easy getting in front of a large group of people and performing. Lots of credit to the students, parents, and teachers for making this such a memorable event.

Our Sunday Night LIVE Rock Band Program was a lot of fun. It’s so great to see our students performing in a LIVE Band setting, and performing well. Personally, I’ve done about 15 of these, and this might have been my favorite in terms of quality of the performances and participation. If you are a student of ours and have not yet participated in the Recital or Rock Band Program, please consider for next Spring!

Summer Schedule!

Summer is HERE! We encourage all students to continue lessons if possible, as 2-3 months off is not ideal for progress and development. We will be offering online classes as an option to those students that will be traveling a lot this Summer. We also have more flexible schedules and plans for the months of June/July/Aug for students that will have a difficult time committing to an entire month. We will do everything we can to accommodate and keep Music in your lives for this Summer! Please let your instructors know your Summer plans as soon as possible so they can adjust their schedules accordingly.