May Recital and Sunday Night LIVE!

This is a reminder that this year’s annual Recital will take place on Sunday, May 21st, from 1-4pm at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. This is a great opportunity for our students to display their talents in front of a Live audience. If any students have interest in participating in the Recital please let your instructors know now so that we can get everyone prepared to perform. The cost to participate in the Recital is $35 per family. Memorial Music will provide snacks and drinks for the event. We will also host our annual Sunday Night LIVE Rock Band Concert that same day from 5-7pm. The bands are working very hard, and the songs are coming along very well. All parents, friends, and family members are welcome to attend the Concert.

Summer Schedule!

Summer is approaching quickly! We encourage all students to continue lessons if possible, as 2-3 months off is not ideal for progress and development. We will be offering online classes as an option to those students that will be traveling a lot this Summer. We also have more flexible schedules and plans for June/July/Aug for students that will have a difficult time committing to an entire month. We will do everything we can to accommodate and keep Music in your lives for this Summer! Please let your instructors know your Summer plans as soon as possible so they can adjust their schedules accordingly.

Free Minuti Gift Card Giveaway!

Minuti has been kind enough to give us two $10 Gift Cards for a free drawing.  We will draw two names on June 1st, one for each card. Please fill out a form and drop it into the Red box by the front door to enter the drawing. Limit one entry per customer.