Fall Recital!

We want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Fall Recital! All students performed very well, and the overwhelming support from the parents and families was incredible to see. We will also host a Spring Recital in the middle of May. More details and possibly a new recital location will be announced in March 2024.

Updates to Our Lesson Structure for 2024

As we welcome 2024, we are making a few adjustments to our music/tutoring lesson rates. Starting in January, 30-minute weekly lessons will be $169/month, 45-minute lessons will be $254/month, and 60-minute lessons will be $338/month. We want you to know that such decisions come after careful thought and reflect our need to adjust based on business expense considerations. Despite these changes, our commitment to providing quality and value remains steadfast, and we are proud to continue offering very competitive rates for professional music and tutorial instruction in the Memorial area. We are grateful for your continued trust in our services.

Free Monthly Group Classes!

We will now be offering monthly group classes. This is a free service for any of our students currently on auto-pay, and will start in January. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Classes will be held on the last Sunday of every month and will be from 1-2pm. Each specific class will be announced in the newsletter at the beginning of each month. Examples as follows…

1/28 Vocal Harmony with Yissel
2/25 Chord Progressions with James
3/31 Drum Fills with Gabe

More to come on this new service and we will announce the first class in the January newsletter!

Quick Tip for Maximizing Your Music Lessons

One of the best ways to enhance the benefits of your music lessons is consistent practice outside of class. Even just 15 minutes a day can make a significant difference. Create a dedicated practice space at home, free from distractions, and establish a regular routine. Remember, it’s not just about quantity but quality. Focus on understanding the nuances, rhythm, and emotions of the piece you’re learning. Encourage open communication with your Memorial Music instructor about any challenges or areas you’d like to explore further. Doing so reinforces what you’ve learned during the lesson and progresses faster, ensuring you get the most value out of each session.